MCQM22 Third School and Workshop

Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics

Como, Italy -- June 13 - 18, 2022


Dear Participants of MCQM21

Firstly we hope that this finds you in a place of safety and health.

We feel that a one week school/conference, with three lecture courses, six invited talks, and several contributed talks is not well suited to be transformed into an on-line event, and we are still convinced that the best way to meet is in person.

For these reasons we prefer to postpone the main event for the dates 13-18 June 2022 and organize a kind of online appetizer,  a two days (14-15 June '21) online mini-workshop.

The Organizers

Aim and Scopes

The aim of the meeting is to present the state of the art in some challenging open problems in Quantum Mechanics from the point of view of Mathematical Physics. It is addressed to young people interested in working on the subject but also to experienced researchers willing to exchange the newest ideas and methods in the field. Among the topics covered: spectral and scattering theory for Schrödinger operators, effective behavior in many particles quantum systems, Bose-Einstein condensation, nonlinear Schrödinger equation, semiclassical analysis, numerical analysis of quantum systems, quantum graphs.

Three courses of 6 hours will be given in a series of lectures scheduled in the morning of each day. In the afternoon short contributed talks will be given by young participants, followed by plenary talks given by invited speakers.

A financial support covering accommodation expenses will be available for a limited number of young participants.


Charles Fefferman (Princeton University) & Michael I. Weinstein (Columbia University)

Continuum Models of Graphene and Analogous Materials

Ari Laptev (Imperial College London)

Spectral Theory and its Applications

Eric Séré (Université Paris-Dauphine)

A Rigorous Approach to some Nonlinear Models from Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Plenary Talks

Eric Carlen (Rutgers University)(*)

Nicolas Gisin (Université de Genève)(*)

Stéphane Nonnenmacher (Université Paris-Sud)(*)

Marcello Porta (Universität Tübingen)

Robert Seiringer (IST Austria)

Simone Warzel (Technische Universität München)(*)

Insubria University

Insubria International Summer/Winter School

University of Milan Bicocca


International Association of

Mathematical Physics


University of Naples

Federico II

Gruppo Nazionale di

Fisica Matematica

Gruppo Nazionale per l'Analisi Matematica, la Probabilità e le loro Applicazioni

Laboratorio Ypatia

di Scienze Matematiche